[Kindle format eBook] Direction through Disruption


This book deals with one of the most serious career challenges facing us today – how to plan and pursue a successful and secure career in an age of disruptive digital technologies. Digital technology innovation is transforming the employment landscape in all sectors.

Changes are happening faster. As career path certainty decreases while income risk increases, how prepared are you to adapt with agility to change and more importantly, harness new opportunities?

This book:

  • Maps the disruptive forces shaping and evolving modern workplaces as they harness the digital technologies on which we are now dependent;
  • Challenges the conventional view of employment to help you be a leader rather than a survivor by providing you with the tools and a framework on which to build career resilience;
  • Offers insights on how you can plan and act to adapt, survive and thrive in uncertain times.


[Kindle format eBook] Direction through Disruption


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