Our Podcasts explore the New world of IT from a number of angles.  Each series includes discussions with distinguished, vendor independent experts in their respective fields – Valuable insights worth thinking about, all aimed at making sure you make the right technology decisions for the right business reasons.

The Livingstone Advisory Thought Leadership Podcast Series

Launched in January 2017 in this series, Rob offers independent, expert and thought provoking insights aimed at helping both you and your organisation successfully navigate our rapidly evolving digital landscape.

This podcast series covers an extensive range of topics including (but not limited to):

  • business strategy,
  • leadership in today’s digital era,
  • innovation,
  • risk and governance,
  • career disruption,
  • cyber security through to
  • analytics,
  • Big Data and the
  • Internet of Things.

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The Adaptive Enterprise Journey Management Podcast Series

Launched in March 2017 , this podcast series forms part of a 3 part “Read – Explain – Demonstrate” offering comprising a Book, Podcasts and Video series. Collectively, these offerings are all aimed at giving you the tools with which to adopt practice-oriented and analytics-embedded smart adaptive approaches to deal with challenge of both continuous efficiency and innovation in the face of rapid change.

This initiative is the result of a collaboration between Dr Asif Gill and Rob Livingstone

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Adaptive Enterprise Strategy Podcasts

RL and AG 200x200pxLaunched in August 2013 in iTunes, this podcast series focuses on the the development and execution of Enterprise Business Strategies in volatile and competitive environments.

Conventional enterprise IT adoption models are being reshaped by organizations demanding increased speed, adaptability and business relevance of their IT departments. The emergence of compelling new, disruptive and innovative information technologies presents both opportunities for organizations to increase their agility, but also presents risks, many of which are obscured.

In this informative and valuable podcast series, Rob Livingstone and Dr Asif Gill of the University of Technology Sydney, both authorities in their respective fields, combine forces to deliver independent, expert opinion and thought leadership on how legislators, regulators as well as organisations in both the private and public sectors can manage this volatile and complex ecosystem to ensure they achieve their goals.

Navigating through the Cloud Podcasts

200x200 tmLaunched in July 2011 in iTunes, this series of podcasts has nearly 50 episodes covering a wide range of topics of interest to executives trying to make sense of Cloud Computing in the Enterprise. The series contains interview and discussions with a wide range of guests, all offering their unique perspectives on the Cloud landscape.

Often expressed as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service, Cloud computing is a potentially disruptive technology, which has the potential for organisations to lower IT costs, and add value by having systems that are better designed and easier to use, whilst increasing IT departmental productivity. Paradoxically, this may also expose organisations to additional cost, technical, security and governance risks that are not normally associated with ‘on-premises’ IT systems and infrastructure.

The book Navigating through the Cloud was published in 2011, and is available in Kindle  as well as a paperback from Amazon