The following list includes links to the various TV and Radio interviews given by Rob on a range of  IT topics, from Career disruption, Cyber security, Crypto-currencies, digital wallet, Smart Devices, Big Data, Cloud and others:

  • Commentary on increase in crime statistics due to  ‘Tap & Go’ card theft. ABC Radio Melbourne 774 with Raf Epstein [28 May 2014]
  • Commentary on Telstra launching national WiFi – SBS Television Evening news [20 May 2014]

  • The right to be forgotten – 2SER Radio [20 May 2014]
  • Commentary on scammers using social media [Channel Ten evening news – 14 May 2014]

  • Implications of new privacy legislation [SBS TV News – 12 March 2014]

Rob SBS News 12 March 2014.

Rob Livingstone TV interview

  • Channel Ten (Sydney) – Interview on Digital Wallet (above) [Thursday 15 November 2012]
  • 702 ABC Sydney – Mornings. Interviewed by Linda Mottram on Smartphone technologies [Monday 12 November 2012]
  • ZDNet Video of the Executive Keynote Address Deploying Cloud Solutions – The Risks and Rewards at the EVOLVE.Cloud conference. May 2012 (Above)
  • Consumers warned over tap-and-pay technology. ABC Radio PM Show [30 January 2012 ].
  • Interviewed on the Wire in response to Malcolm Turnbull’s Commentary on the cost of the Australian NBN [9 Feb 2012 ] 
  • Interviewed on AFP International TV on the passing of Steve Jobs [6 Oct 2011] (Above)
  • Panel discussion with Oracle, VMWare and Rob Livingstone – Sky Business channel TV interview ‘Cloud Hype or hope?’, 2011
  • Live interview on ABC South Australia ‘891 Adelaide Drive’ show by Andrew Male about internet security including fire sheep and phishing [13th Oct, 2011]