About Our Practice

Livingstone AdvisorySince its inception in 2010, Livingstone Advisory has delivered independent advisory and related services to a diverse range of clients and executives spanning Federal, State and Local Government as well as the NGO, NFP and private sectors.

Clients cover in excess of 40 industry sectors and include finance, construction, engineering, manufacturing, banking, legal, retail, federal, state and local governments, publishing and media, professional services, cultural institutions, rural primary production, IT consulting and solution vendors, secondary and tertiary education, healthcare, aviation, power and network distribution.

Independent Advisory and related Services

The Livingstone Advisory practice offers a comprehensive suite of related services besides Independent Advisory and Consulting, and include:

Strategy and Architecture

Strategy and Architecture is a core platform for business optimisation, innovation and transformation. We offer expert services aimed at Strategy & Architecture practice setup, practice review & uplift , design, effectiveness review, Strategy & Architecture road-map & implementation planning.

This covers aspects including enterprise and digital strategy, architecture, IT, governance, cyber-, functional- and systemic risk as well as digital transformation through to project management, for example.

Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership

Equipping business leaders and professionals with the right Strategic Leadership capabilities for the digital era with programs backed by expert, practice oriented Coaching & Mentoring.

Thought Leadership

Expert, cutting edge, actionable insights to expertly distil the complex interactions that make up our fast changing world – then deliver valuable, actionable insights with authority to your audience in an engaging manner.

About Rob Livingstone – Founder and Director

Independent AdvisoryFor more than three decades Rob has amassed senior managerial experience, substantially as CIO in multinational corporations.

Prior to entering the IT world as a CIO in the mid-‘90s, Rob held several senior operational, strategic advisory and executive positions in a range of industries both locally in Australia and overseas. These included defense, manufacturing, public utility, packaging, construction through to logistics.

Until 2017, Rob lectured higher-degree students on leadership, strategy and innovation as part of the University of Technology Sydney’s (UTS) flagship MBT program. He relinquished his Fellowship position in 2019, however continues to collaborate with UTS’s Faculty of Engineering and IT DigiSAS lab in the School of Software.

Co-authored with Dr Asif Gill, Rob’s most recent book Adaptive Enterprise Strategy Journey Management outlines a highly scalable and smart method for building adaptive enterprise capabilities that are not achievable using the existing traditional frameworks and methods. His earlier books, Direction through Disruption and Navigating through the Cloud provided invaluable insight into a wide range of IT professionals and corporations weighing up the risks and rewards that so many new technologies embody

Rob has a BSc Mechanical Engineering, Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering and MBA in Technology Management.