What are the real costs of IT ? Or should that be value?

How do the real costs of IT relate to your organisation’s ability to rapidly respond to change?

Put another way, do adaptable organisations result after adopting the latest technologies?   Or are adaptable organisational cultures and capabilities a prerequisite for the successful implementation of modern digital and information technologies?

From the …

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Agile, Waterfall or Wagile software development project? What defines real success?


In 2001, the Agile Manifesto set out a series of guiding principles in the adoption of a more responsive, effective and less wasteful approach to software development.  Often seen as a ‘better’ way than the traditional waterfall software development process, is it as clear cut as making a decision …

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What’s unusual about ‘business as usual’?

In the face of today’s increasingly competitive, unpredictable and demanding globalised business environments, the challenge facing the leadership at every level in today’s established organisations lie in building enterprise agility and adaptability without compromising the integrity, risk profile and otherwise good governance of the overall organisation.  

‘Business as usual’ is …

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Career resilience the name of the game in a disrupted age

Getting a personal grip on how fast-changing technology is reshaping the employment landscape is one of the key success factors that will contribute to you being more adaptable and resilient to change within your career.

Technology disruption has costly implications for many industries and professions, affecting both sides of the …

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