The challenge of Change – CAUDIT Conference presentation

Delivered at the bi-annual Council of Australasian University Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT) conference at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Brisbane, Australia – October 2017

Rob’s presentation explored The CIO’s role in building a sustainable, enterprise-wide adaptive capability for constant change.

New, digitally enabled ways of working and living require a fundamental shift in the design and implementation of enterprise strategies and architectures. Problem is, many – if not most – established organisations struggle with their own adaptability and agility capabilities. Additionally, evidence is that conventional enterprise ‘change management’ and ‘business transformation’ approaches are typically too slow and not well suited to the rapidly evolving, complex and interrelated executive, customer and business demands, not to mention risks.

In this presentation , Rob outlines a proven, robust and scalable approach to building a sustainable adaptive enterprise strategy and architecture capability to drive continuous efficiency and innovation.

This capability delivers a sustainable, adaptive enterprise value chain of integrated strategy, architecture, project delivery and service operations capabilities.

In particular, the critical role that the CIO plays in positively challenging and guiding their organisation on this journey is explored.

A narrated copy of the slide deck is available below:

Building an adaptive ICT Procurement capability

Delivered at the 2017 Procurement and Contracting for ICT conference, this presentation explored:…

How to build a holistic, adaptive ICT procurement capability that drives continuous business innovation and efficiency;
How to identify and mitigate the systemic risks associated with ICT procurement;
How to managing risks of corruption and malfeasance in

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How to setup & lead digital transformation capability

Presented at the University of Technology, Sydney’s DigiSAS Lab Seminar “Adaptive strategic journey management for leading digital transformation“, Rob explores:

Digital transformation scorecard,
The current CIO landscape,
CIOs leading enterprise digital transformation capabilities – why this is important and some of the critical success factors

The audio track …

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Best practices to mitigate data breach risk

Data Breach Risk is real, and of increasing concern to business leaders, regulators and customers.

Audio of Rob Livingstone’s presentation  at Trend Micro’s Executive briefing events Sydney and Melbourne 5-6 June 2017 on Australia’s new Mandatory Data Breach Notification legislation.

Narrated slides also available in YouTube:

Also available on Slideshare:…

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Current enterprise cyber security measures continue to fail us. Why is this and what can you do to fix it?

Adverse Cyber security incidents (such as Data Breach) are just a fact of life, and continue to occur on a daily basis. No organisation is immune.

Fact is, conventional information security and cybersecurity measures continue to fail our businesses in today’s rapidly changing world.

Adverse cyber events manifest themselves as …

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Thinking of your Business Analyst Career in the new world of IT & digital disruption?

Business analyst career options are being redefined in the face of continuous change and technology disruption.

Knowledge intensive IT careers, once considered to be at the forefront of information technology developments are being progressively impacted by the new world of IT, shifting customer expectations and business change.  How this influences …

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ANZRP Panel Discussion – The Privacy Puzzle

Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) is Australia’s only not-for-profit, industry-for-industry, Government approved Co-regulatory Arrangement (CA) operating under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) established as part of the Product Stewardship Act 2011

In May 2016, ANZRP hosted a panel discussion in Sydney, in order to explore …

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Thriving in a Big Data world

Copy of presentation Thriving in a Big Data world  delivered at the CHASS 2015 National Forum in Melbourne in October 2015. A copy of the presentation as available here, or below.

The Council for Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences in Australia is the peak body supporting more than 75 member …

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CSO / CXO post-conference interview Rob Livingstone

CSO interviews Rob Livingstone on key takeaways from the CSO CXO Series event sponsored by Trend Micro in Melbourne 31st July 2015. Interview conducted by David Braue, CSO Moderator

Also available on YouTube

The Interview transcription is available here…

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Developing versatile individuals to build resilient teams. This drives business resilience

Resilient organisations thrive in the face of rapid and unexpected change. Fact is, versatile leaders and staff underpin  versatile teams and organisations.T hat business and individual’s careers alike are increasingly being subject to the competitive forces shaped by globalisation, technological change and industry disruption is nothing new. What is new, …

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CIO Summit Panel Discussion | Digital road-map: are we there yet?

Panelists at the Perth CIO Summit in May 2015 discuss how they are rolling out digital strategies that improve interactions with internal staff, customers, and citizens.

Key aspects covered in this discussion included the ‘ownership’ of the organisation’s digital strategy.

The panel was moderated by  Byron Connolly, Editor CIO Online…

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Create a respected and effective leadership brand and reputation

Influence, Power, Integrity and your career in IT.

Creating an effective and respected personal leadership brand.

Copy of slides for the Masterclass held at the ACS Youth in IT conference 2014 (Asia Pacific)

Influence, Power, Integrity and your career in IT from Rob Livingstone Advisory Pty Ltd…

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Career resilience is the name of the game

Rob Livingstone’s conference presentation “Career resilience is the name of the game. Why career resilience is key to surviving profound technology change in our globalized world.”

Delivered at the 2014 Youth in IT Conference (Asia Pacific)

Career resilience is the name of the game from Rob Livingstone Advisory Pty Ltd…

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Avoiding the risks of technology adoption to the organisation.

What are the key risks of technology adoption in your organisation? More importantly,  what can you to do avoid the Technology Success Trap, where that compelling, valuable & inexpensive implementation turns into a later problem?

Delivered at the CIO Summit on August 21, 2013 on the Gold Coast, Australia, Rob …

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Future Tech: How to avoid the risks of early technology adoption.

As part of the UTSpeaks public lecture series, Rob delivered this presentation in Sydney on the 11th July 2012 on the risks of early technology adoption 

The rate of business and societal change fueled by innovative, emerging and disruptive information technologies is well known, with impacts being felt in almost …

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Cloud Computing in Australian local government

At the Municipal Association of Victoria’s forum held in Melbourne during April entitled “Doing business in the Cloud”, Rob delivered a presentation which provided a context for cloud, opportunities and some of the key challenges including the seduction of being spoilt for choice, political reality, Governance and Standardisation    

Exploring the

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Conference Keynotes and Presentations – Complete List

The following list contains links to the conference presentations delivered by Rob, most of which are in RLA’s Slideshare channel.

Presentations and related material delivered as part of individual client engagements are excluded from this list as they are commercial in confidence.

Emerging technologies…

Helping your organisation avoid the ‘success

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