The Data Sovereignty Minefield

CFOs whose businesses use cloud systems across their overseas subsidiaries need to be aware of the legal and regulatory frameworks of each of the countries in which their subsidiaries operate. Ignorance is risk, not bliss.

Most, but not all, of the world’s leading cloud providers — Salesforce, Amazon, Google, Rackspace, …

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Risks of a Model Nearing Maturity

Here are some factors CFOs should take into account when their organization considers moving data, applications, or infrastructure to the public cloud.

If one were to swallow the cloud-computing hype whole, its adoption in the enterprise is inevitable. It will lower IT costs and speed up IT delivery and business-project …

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How Low Cost Is That Low-Cost Cloud?

CFOs need to learn how to figure costs per-application to make good decisions about deploying Cloud systems.

Today’s Cloud feeding frenzy has been fuelled by heady promises of low costs, almost instant functionality and, ultimately, IT Nirvana.

It’s those putative lower costs, of course, that make most CFOs sit up …

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Pay-As-You-Go Only Works If You Know Where You’re Going

The subscription model is the core, the very heart of cloud computing’s value proposition.

For non-IT Executives, that model is almost irresistibly seductive, especially contrasted with the traditional on-premise, capital intensive, perpetual-license IT model. Not to mention that the on-premise approach is often associated with long project-lead times, high up-front …

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