Cloud Computing for Business Managers – Video Series

This video and recorded webinar series (available on YouTube) is intended to provide you with an integrated perspective of what it means to implement Cloud computing for business – in plain English, business terms.

Why is the real value of Cloud Computing for Business and not IT?

The series covers Cloud computing from every angle, be that as a cloud buyer, cloud vendor cloud technologist, cloud regulator, cloud broker, cloud auditor and so on.

However, the primary focus in this series on the software layer – after all, that’s what the business and its customers see and use. This means that the messages are immediately relevant to non-IT Business managers and other stakeholders.

Produced in 2012, these covered most of the fundamental aspects of Cloud from a business perspective, including commercial, legal, regulatory, compliance, cost, risk and security perspective.

These videos were produced under the Navigating therough the Cloud brand ( ) owned by Livingstone Advisory. That brand was discontinued in 2014 and has since reverted to Livingstone Advisory.

While cloud computing has continued to evolved from the the time these were produced, the fundamentals remain the same.  Getting the fundamentals right is a prerequisite to ensuring that your particular Cloud computing initiatives are successful with known cost, known risk and known value.

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Navigating through the Cloud

Navigating through the Cloud is a clear, 100+ page non-technical guide that will walk you through the key risk, governance, cost and organisational issues you should know about when considering cloud computing for your business.

This book is a must-have for business owners, managers and executive at all levels

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Cloud Computing – 6 years later: How well are the basics really understood?

While cloud computing underpins much of the global IT and digital footprint, the fact that Cloud computing is still misunderstood by many business leaders in 2016.  This is not helping business executives make the right decisions for their organizations, often resulting in project cost overruns, technology limitations, data breaches or …

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Your Cloud and the US ‘ safe harbor ‘ provision. Not so ‘safe’?


Why are the long standing US safe harbor privacy data jurisdiction provisions now suddenly ‘not-so-safe harbour’ provisions?

Mr Max Schrems, an Austrian national and digital activist was concerned that Facebook could not guarantee his privacy as his personal data was located  in the U.S.

He lodged his complaint to …

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NSA leak’s taking the puff out of Cloud? Doubt it.

Pay careful attention to the nest of contractors and other providers running your Cloud – if you can. Especially under the watchful eye of the NSA

The long arm of the National Security Agency has shaken the apparent inviolability of confidentiality offered to organizations with overseas operations by U.S.-based (or …

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Episode 47 – Exploring the opportunities and pitfalls of new and emerging technologies in Australian local government

This Episode is an audio recording of the presentation delivered by Rob Livingstone at the Future of Local Government 2013 Annual Summit, Rydges, Melbourne on Thursday 23rd May 2013

The Slides of the presentation are available here on Rob Livingstone’s Slideshare Channel

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Episode 46 – Cloud for Local Government

Podcast Episode 46 – Cloud for Local Government –  Recording of a presentation delivered to the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) one day Forum “Doing Business in the Cloud”. The presentation provided a context for cloud, opportunities and some of the key challenges including the seduction of being spoilt for …

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Clash of the Cloud Titans

As prices fall, driven down by the global cloud giants, the cloud market is on the brink of major disruption. What can business executives do to mitigate the risk that their organization will end up as road-kill in a cloud market shake-up?

In a recent report, Global Trends 2030: Alternative …

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Don’t let your Cloud be your business success trap

You may find yourself with a beautiful cloud ecosystem epitomising the latest in the field of emerging technology. You may think you no longer need an IT department. Think again, very carefully.

Right now, some organizations are discovering that getting their various enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) systems to play together nicely …

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Episode 45 – Rob explores the role of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and systemic cloud risk with Archie Reed of HP

Episode 45 – Rob explores the role of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) with Archie Reed, Chief Technologist and Strategist, Strategic Enterprise Services, Asia Pacific and Japan for HP.   We explore the why, where and how of the CSA, and touch on key aspects of systemic risk in enterprise hybrid …

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Episode 44 – We explore the role of the Cloud Services Broker – Why, when, what, who and how? Wasn’t Cloud supposed to simplify IT?

Episode 44 – Rob explores the various considerations relating to the function of Cloud Services Broker – NIST defines a Cloud Services Broker as “An entity that manages the use, performance, and delivery of cloud services, and negotiates relationships between Cloud Providers and Cloud Consumers.”  What does it mean for …

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Governments and Cloud Computing?

The whole topic of cloud computing has been dominating the IT agenda. Conversations have been very intense in 2012 – we were barraged by new opinions, fuelled by new cloud product offerings and innovative, compelling solutions.

Given the inconsistency in the maturity of understanding across industry as to the intrinsic …

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Who serves your Cloud service providers?

It’s easy to sign up for cloud services. Managing and integrating them . . . not so much. Are cloud service brokers the answer?

Starting your enterprise’s cloud journey is the easy part.  Implementing a stand-alone cloud application is relatively painless, and almost immediately yields significant cost and productivity benefits.…

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Cloud Computing Video channel – View all videos here

While cloud computing has continued to evolved from the the time these videos were produced, the fundamentals remain the same.

Getting the fundamentals right is a prerequisite to ensuring that your particular Cloud computing initiatives are successful with known cost, known risk and known value.

The series covers Cloud computing …

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Their Business, Your Risk

As the cloud market matures, it’s important for CFOs to understand the cloud-provider business model and track their business risks. If your provider is heading for trouble, so are you.

Security, privacy, location of data, total cost of ownership, lack of standards, and vendor lock-in are just a few of …

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Episode 41 – Part 2 – How can a business be agile in responding to emerging technologies?

Episode 41 – Part 2 – Rob and Dr Asif Gill explore the key considerations in how businesses can be agile in responding to emerging technologies. We explore Dr Gill’s Agile business transformation life cycle framework and discuss responsiveness, recognising change, influences of and interactions between project management, enterprise strategy …

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