Internet of Things – IoT Cybersecurity challenge. Now, it’s all child’s play.

Now that we are able to connect various physical devices ‘smartly’,  this additional capability is further fuelling the rate of technological change. As with any technological evolution, the benefits also carry with them some risks.  In this instance the cyber risks associated with the IoT are very real.  These take …

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Why your Executive’s ‘Digital Literacy’ is not the issue.

Recent estimates  suggest that approximately only 1 per cent of non-Executive Directors at Europe’s top 100 companies have proven digital skills.  This fact is also not lost on the Australian Institute of Company Directors, who identified the low executive level digital literacy as a challenge early in 2013.

With the …

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Can your business transformation succeed without IT’s involvement?

When does business improvement or business transformation become an ‘innovation’?  Who cares, really?   It’s business outcomes that matter.

Whether labelled as ‘business transformation’, ‘re-engineering’, ‘improvement’ or   Innovation – the bottom line is that implementing organisational change is easy to say and hard  – especially those that have been around for …

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Your Cloud and the US ‘ safe harbor ‘ provision. Not so ‘safe’?


Why are the long standing US safe harbor privacy data jurisdiction provisions now suddenly ‘not-so-safe harbour’ provisions?

Mr Max Schrems, an Austrian national and digital activist was concerned that Facebook could not guarantee his privacy as his personal data was located  in the U.S.

He lodged his complaint to …

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Who is responsible for digital strategy in your business? Think again….

That digital technologies have and will continue to unleash disruptive changes on the commercial, regulatory and social landscapes is nothing new. Fact is, within established organisations, defining exactly who is responsible for digital strategy for the business is not clear cut.

Ensuring that your business remains relevant in the face …

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Decision-making in business: Mastering the new world of IT, uncertainty & complexity


Business decision-making was never easy.   In today’s fast paced, data driven world, it’s just got a bit harder for those rusted onto 20th Century approaches.

An executive’s role is to make decisions that will benefit the organisation. The reality is often different.

Decision-making is frequently done under time pressure …

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How resilience underpins sustainable business value


Question: Why is resilience so important at every level of organisation?

Answer: Because change impacts every level of the organisation and is becoming increasingly volatile and unpredictable.

Why sustainable value hinges on versatility and resilience.

That organisations and employees (careers) alike are increasingly being impacted by the competitive forces …

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Seeing past ‘IT – business alignment’ to realise your innovation goals


Consider the following questions: Can you see past ‘IT – business alignment’ to realise your organisation’s innovation goals? To what extent are innovation and INtrepreneurship (not to be confused with entrepreneurship) in evidence across your organisation? What are the value drivers and how are these identified and defined? Has …

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IT Benchmarking challenges – 6 Questions to consider

How do you develop a business relevant benchmark in a rapidly evolving environment? More importantly, have the key IT Benchmarking challenges been identified and adequately covered?

The adoption of industry ‘best practice’ makes good commercial and business sense is it harvests the cumulative learning of others – specifically, what produced …

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Battle lost? The data protection threat in our digital world

Data breaches represent only the tip of the cybercrime and data breach iceberg, and operatives appear to be breaching enterprise IT security systems with impunity. The data protection threat and continual cyber attacks to organisations is real.

Data protection threat – Legislation and regulation

The effectiveness of any data breach …

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The challenges organisations face in dealing with rapidly changing technology.

Keeping businesses relevant in today’s volatile and globally hyper-connected world, where the technology fuelled disruption of entire markets and industries alike, presents a real and ongoing challenge for business leaders.

The simultaneous impacts of factors such as the speed of technology-induced change and globalisation further accelerate these changes.

Established organisations …

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What are the real costs of IT ? Or should that be value?

How do the real costs of IT relate to your organisation’s ability to rapidly respond to change?

Put another way, do adaptable organisations result after adopting the latest technologies?   Or are adaptable organisational cultures and capabilities a prerequisite for the successful implementation of modern digital and information technologies?

From the …

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Agile, Waterfall or Wagile software development project? What defines real success?


In 2001, the Agile Manifesto set out a series of guiding principles in the adoption of a more responsive, effective and less wasteful approach to software development.  Often seen as a ‘better’ way than the traditional waterfall software development process, is it as clear cut as making a decision …

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What’s unusual about ‘business as usual’?

In the face of today’s increasingly competitive, unpredictable and demanding globalised business environments, the challenge facing the leadership at every level in today’s established organisations lie in building enterprise agility and adaptability without compromising the integrity, risk profile and otherwise good governance of the overall organisation.  

‘Business as usual’ is …

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