Current enterprise cyber security measures continue to fail us. Why is this and what can you do to fix it?

Adverse Cyber security incidents (such as Data Breach) are just a fact of life, and continue to occur on a daily basis. No organisation is immune.

Fact is, conventional information security and cybersecurity measures continue to fail our businesses in today’s rapidly changing world.

Adverse cyber events manifest themselves as the usual suspects including data breaches, information theft, ransom- and malware, viruses, payment card fraud, DDOS attacks or physical loss – to name but a few.

Problem is, the tally of adverse events keeps mounting up. While headline adverse cyber incidents are now reported in the media with regularity, this represents the tip of the cyber risk iceberg. Most known events are either unreported or hidden from public disclosure. Not helping, is the industry analysis suggesting that, on average, nearly half of all adverse cyber risk events impacting organisations are self-inflicted and avoidable. No industry is untouched.

Why are adverse cyber security events occurring with monotonous regularity?

In this presentation, Rob offers valuable strategic insights into the problem of Cyber Security.  Rob illustrated the problem by discussing two areas. These are the everyday Data Breach and the Internet of Things ( IoT).

Organisations have access to the best security technologies. Why, then, are adverse cyber security events now a daily occurrence?

He also outlines some practical steps that will be helpful for all Executives, (Including CEOs, CIOs and CISOs) in reshaping their own organisation’s approach in building a more effective and resilient information security capability.

Video Recording of Presentation including captioned PowerPoint Slides:[28 minutes]

PowerPoint Slide deck: