Cloud Computing for Business Managers – Video Series

This video and recorded webinar series (available on YouTube) is intended to provide you with an integrated perspective of what it means to implement Cloud computing for business – in plain English, business terms.

Why is the real value of Cloud Computing for Business and not IT?

The series covers Cloud computing from every angle, be that as a cloud buyer, cloud vendor cloud technologist, cloud regulator, cloud broker, cloud auditor and so on.

However, the primary focus in this series on the software layer – after all, that’s what the business and its customers see and use. This means that the messages are immediately relevant to non-IT Business managers and other stakeholders.

Produced in 2012, these covered most of the fundamental aspects of Cloud from a business perspective, including commercial, legal, regulatory, compliance, cost, risk and security perspective.

These videos were produced under the Navigating therough the Cloud brand ( ) owned by Livingstone Advisory. That brand was discontinued in 2014 and has since reverted to Livingstone Advisory.

While cloud computing has continued to evolved from the the time these were produced, the fundamentals remain the same.  Getting the fundamentals right is a prerequisite to ensuring that your particular Cloud computing initiatives are successful with known cost, known risk and known value.

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Navigating through the Cloud

Navigating through the Cloud is a clear, 100+ page non-technical guide that will walk you through the key risk, governance, cost and organisational issues you should know about when considering cloud computing for your business.

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