Cloud Computing – 6 years later: How well are the basics really understood?

While cloud computing underpins much of the global IT and digital footprint, the fact that Cloud computing is still misunderstood by many business leaders in 2016.  This is not helping business executives make the right decisions for their organizations, often resulting in project cost overruns, technology limitations, data breaches or avoidable project delays.

Cloud successes are visible, yet projet failures are usually hidden from view.

The difference between cloud project success and failure lies in all business executives having sufficient understanding of the working of ‘the cloud’ in all its forms.   Be well informed or take the risk.

Cloud is impacting every aspect of organisations and includes:

Striking the right balance between a compelling and valuable digital / IT solution, cybersecurity, data jurisdiction and system integration considerations is no easier now than it was 6 years ago at the start of the cloud ‘hype’.

Take the time to understand the basics of Cloud computing  This is important for business executives and the C-suite, and should underpin business and executive leader’s digital literacy.

Hybrid cloud – or a blend of public, private and on-premises technologies makes for a complex mix, with many hidden technical and organisational risks that need to be identified and mitigated.

Fact is, Cloud computing products and services are underpinning much of our business and private lives in today’s world.

We are increasingly dependent on the cloud provisioning model, however the basics are often not well understood by key stakeholders. This needs to be recognised as a business risk.

These video segments were produced in 2013 and are no less relevant today as they were then.

The fundamental factor that leads to successful implementation of any enterprise technologies, Cloud or otherwise lies in making the right technology decisions with full visibility and understanding of the costs, risks and value over the planned timeframe.

There are 37 brief video explainers that were published by Rob Livingstone in 2012 which are still relevant today.

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