Seeing past ‘IT – business alignment’ to realise your innovation goals


Consider the following questions: Can you see past ‘IT – business alignment’ to realise your organisation’s innovation goals? To what extent are innovation and INtrepreneurship (not to be confused with entrepreneurship) in evidence across your organisation? What are the value drivers and how are these identified and defined? Has the drive for innovation been explicitly identified in your organisation’s strategic plans? If so, have you redefined the mis sign of your IT team from being primarily a ‘service’ provider to one that can truly incubate and foster innovation, enterprise wide?

IT – Business Alignment …. Just do what we ask you to do?

Backed by a well informed, company-wide perspective on where, and how technology could be optimally used, a well run, adaptable and engaged IT department should be able to positively challenge and guide business strategies and decisions with a technology dependency to deliver real, tangible business value.

If the majority of the resources and activities of your IT department are associated with the creation and retention of value then these should not be regarded primarily as an indirect cost.

See the value in IT, or just the cost?

How the costs associated with enterprise IT are treated may well be a hand-brake on the delivery of technologically-enabled innovation within your organisation.

Irrespective whether the total IT expenditure is centrally managed through IT or federated across the various divisions of departments, the key determinant remains:

If IT bears the cost, how is the value defined and where is the value accrued?  Is the IT investment related to the realisable value in the business?

If your business owners or executives cannot answer this question, then your  IT department’s life is likely to continue being regarded as an indirect cost, or an overhead – with the primary focus on cost minimisation.

Problem is, who else in your industry or competitor ecosystem is seeing how to treat IT differently?  If you cannot identify, exploit and optimise the real value from enterprise IT, then chances are your competitors are already doing so.