Career resilience the name of the game in a disrupted age

Getting a personal grip on how fast-changing technology is reshaping the employment landscape is one of the key success factors that will contribute to you being more adaptable and resilient to change within your career.

Technology disruption has costly implications for many industries and professions, affecting both sides of the employer/employee divide, especially where constant retraining or hiring new skill sets becomes inevitable.

Innovation driving disruption in workplaces may be no secret, but based on the experiences if mentoring a diverse range of IT professionals, managers and executives, the mindset of many does not appear to be keeping up. In most sectors knowledge based professionals are increasingly vulnerable to job loss and competition for the few jobs where their abilities may still be relevant.

The right university degree isn’t enough anymore to ensure job stability, nor is growing experience gradually on the job, particularly if you hope to survive profound technology change. Believing, or worse hoping, your job has security can lead to a dangerous kind of complacency.

It’s much more important these days for workers to think in terms of career security. It calls for individuals to be more actively and constantly aware of the forces influencing their industry, to be far more strategic in understanding the opportunities and risks in their profession and to have a long-term sense of direction.

Employees need to think of themselves and their careers as if it were a business enterprise – that must be evolved, grown, sometimes re-directed and above all – protected.

In my latest book Direction through Disruption, I draws together my insights and observations gained from dealing with a diverse range of IT professionals and managers across over 40 industry sectors, many of which are being impacted in one way or another by disruptive technologies.

This book  is a detailed guide for people who want to have more control over their circumstances and which can help managers foster skilled, connected and resilient teams.

Past career success is no predictor of future career certainty in workplaces that are transforming constantly

Success for employers today lies in identifying resilient job seekers who demonstrate the ability to adapt, to diversify their skills, to be coachable and able to anticipate change with its new opportunities. Success for employees means becoming such a person, taking personal charge, being their own leader, setting their own direction, being ready.

Direction through Disruption:

  • Maps the disruptive forces shaping and evolving modern workplaces as they harness the digital technologies on which we are now dependent;
  • Challenges conventional views of employment, coaching readers to become leaders in shaping their career, providing the tools and a framework on which to build career resilience;
  • Reveals the value in harnessing the power of effective mentoring to grow professional insight and judgment;
  • Offers insights on how to plan and act to adapt, survive and thrive in uncertain times.

Copies of Direction through Disruption are available in both paperback and eBook formats here as well as through Amazon.