Future Tech: How to avoid the risks of early technology adoption.

early technology adoptionAs part of the UTSpeaks public lecture series, Rob delivered this presentation in Sydney on the 11th July 2012 on the risks of early technology adoption 

The rate of business and societal change fueled by innovative, emerging and disruptive information technologies is well known, with impacts being felt in almost every facet of life. The forces driving the evolution and adoption of such technologies are complex, diverse and not always well understood. How can organisations predict the consequences of future tech? How should they fortify against the risks and pitfalls of change while taking advantage of innovation? The easy access of cloud technologies allows for early technology adoption. What are the hidden risks?

This public lecture provided a concise perspective on the implications of emerging technologies and offers practical insights on how many enterprises and individuals survive, and also thrive, in a world of rapid technology-induced change.

A copy of the PowerPoint presentation is also available here

The Transcript of this presentation is also available here