Develop your gravitas – It’s important for your technology career


Power or influence ?  Which is the most useful attribute for IT professionals and leaders?

On the one hand, IT folks sometimes have difficulties in dealing with stakeholders in the organisation that ‘don’t get it’, or don’t really care.   After all, technology requires accuracy and precision and is unforgiving if it breaks.

Whilst on the other hand, business is often seen by the technology perfectionist as volatile, imprecise, messy and thrives on opinion and influence. I

In this rational world of precision, there’s not much room for perceptions and personal opinions?  Or is there?

Reality is Reality, Facts are Facts, however in the mind of others in the business, Perception is Reality.

How do you go about trying to influence an outcome when you know you’re right?

Put another way – Do you have authority without influence or influence without the authority?

The power trip – my way or the highway?

Where individuals try to influence outcomes in discussions that revolve a ‘either/or’ approach usually find it a counter-productive .  Generally this ‘binary’ thinking allows the other party little room for discussion or for the exploration of alternative solutions to the issue at hand. The key is to how the discussion is managed.

Each of us has the ability to control our engagement with others, and recognising when the management of the conversation is more important than the conversation itself is the first step in the creation of enduring influence!

What other factors can you think of  in your attempt to improve your ability to influence others?  Time to put pen to paper and start listing these factors as you perceive them.  After all, your perception is your reality, but it may not be that of others!

One key to achieving success  is effective IT mentoring where your assumptions can be safely tested and a fresh, transformational and empowering perspective can be shaped – on your career, not only on your current job.  That’s sustainable.