NSA leak’s taking the puff out of Cloud? Doubt it.

Pay careful attention to the nest of contractors and other providers running your Cloud – if you can. Especially under the watchful eye of the NSAnsa leak cloud

The long arm of the National Security Agency has shaken the apparent inviolability of confidentiality offered to organizations with overseas operations by U.S.-based (or owned) Cloud providers.

Since its popular emergence in the earlier part of the last decade, cloud computing has transformed how we lead our digital lives, has helped break down barriers and has changed the way whole industries do business. The explosive adoption of Cloud computing in all its forms and flavours by consumers, where appeal and utility mostly trumps concerns over privacy, is well known. But for businesses, putting the Cloud under the lens of due diligence is seen as just good business practice. How effective that lens can be when it takes place under the watchful eye of PRISM remains to be seen. (PRISM is a surveillance program used by the NSA to collect emails, documents, photos and other material for agents to review.)

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