Mining for Value in your unstructured data

While Big Data is a hot topic in the IT world at the moment,  do not overlook the potential value locked away in your disparate, unstructured data and information repositories.

Four of the 7 Vs of Big Data – validity, veracity, value and visibility ­­– are all highly relevant to your unstructured data. If your unstructured data meets these criteria and is not being utilized in your organization, ask yourself why.

Managing the Unmanageable

Knowing where your existing unstructured data is at any point in time is one thing. Managing its future generation and distribution is another matter altogether.

The prevalence of smart phones and cloud computing adds another dimension to the spread of data across your organization. With the shadow IT phenomenon alive and well in many organizations, and in the absence of strict technical controls and policies, what measures do you have in place to ensure your security controls are not porous? Can trusted staff save important files to a cloud-based storage service without questions being raised? What part do your IT consulting providers play in this area, if any?

Don’t forget to include your data that’s also in your outsourced IT or Cloud provider’s environment.

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