Five Steps to Smarter IT Vendor Management

Reappraising your vendor management strategy should be core to your business’s adoption of new and emerging technologies in order to derive long-term value.

Fuelled in part by IT consulting forms, analysts and media, the IT industry is notoriously successful at generating the hype associated with the Next Big Thing. As a result, business executives are finding themselves increasingly hemmed in by appealing, emerging, and potentially disruptive technologies, such as cloud computing and smartphones. New technologies have the potential to force your organization’s hand in developing new business and operating models in order to remain competitive and relevant. Underpinning those latest trends in the IT industry is the persistent and pervasive gravitational pull towards outsourcing core enterprise IT services to service providers that are apparently better suited to do the job than your own IT departments, and at a lower cost to boot. The compelling product and service demonstrations of successful business cases offered by outsourcers and IT consulting forms adds weight to this perception. Technology in business or technology for business?

While lowering IT cost is often a tipping point in the decision to move away from conventional on-premise IT in the short term, the reality is that it may just be the sideshow. Harnessing the power of disruptive and new technologies to deliver sustained value advantage should be the main game when transitioning away from conventional in-house IT – but with known risk

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