Clash of the Cloud Titans

As prices fall, driven down by the global cloud giants, the cloud market is on the brink of major disruption. What can business executives do to mitigate the risk that their organization will end up as road-kill in a cloud market shake-up?

In a recent report, Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds, the U.S. National Intelligence Council writes that cloud computing will “provide global access and pervasive services” that will challenge organizations, governments, and society as a whole to “capture the benefits of new IT technologies while dealing with the new threats.”

In other words, technology-fuelled disruption is (at least for the time being) the new normal.

While cloud computing has long been regarded as a Clayton Christensen–style disruptor of the traditional IT service delivery model, the cloud-services market itself is due for a big disruption. How this plays out will affect organizations differently, so it’s important that CFOs who are either leveraging cloud services for their businesses or are involved in the provisioning of cloud services themselves (which today includes just about every CFO of businesses both large and small) stay up-to-date on the cloud market’s evolution. Finance executives, who increasingly are being charged with making strategic decisions about cloud investments rather than simply approving or red-pencilling them, need to have the knowledge to respond to the inevitable market changes this evolution will bring.

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