Don’t let your Cloud be your business success trap

You may find yourself with a beautiful cloud ecosystem epitomising the latest in the field of emerging technology. You may think you no longer need an IT department. Think again, very carefully.

Right now, some organizations are discovering that getting their various enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) systems to play together nicely is far from a simple task. In fact, managing the disparate technologies, risks, and contracts that are pulled behind a wagon train of cloud providers supported by a range of IT consulting firms requires that you hone your vendor-management skills and processes, and understand how the separate SaaS systems are constructed so that they all can work together. The playing field of new and emerging technology has just got a bit more complex in the uptake of technology in business .

For these reasons, it may be tempting to turn all that complexity and governance over to a cloud services broker (CSB). The CSB serves quite a separate purpose to your IT consulting firm .  At that point, one might legitimately ask, “Why will I need an IT department when all my applications are running in the cloud and I’ve outsourced the management of those applications to a CSB?”

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