Governments and Cloud Computing?

The whole topic of cloud computing has been dominating the IT agenda. Conversations have been very intense in 2012 – we were barraged by new opinions, fuelled by new cloud product offerings and innovative, compelling solutions.

Given the inconsistency in the maturity of understanding across industry as to the intrinsic value of cloud technologies, I expected 2012 to be an interesting year indeed as organisations struggle with balancing the promise of significant benefits with the perceived (or actual) concerns such as risk and security.

In my view, the cloud hype cycle differs from almost all the previous hype cycles as it is turbo-charged by the consumerisation of IT technology, where anyone can access immediately, at minimal to zero cost, powerful ITsystems previously only available within organisations.

When executives and staff at all levels step into the work environment, they often feel as if they are both entering the IT straight-jacket and stepping back in time due to the perceived restrictions of their enterprise IT systems and the often poor user experience in using the technology.

How does this affect government agencies? All governments are coming to grips with the cloud in its various forms – but not as quickly as the vendors would prefer!