Episode 39 – CIO Summit Keynote address – Where Worlds Collide: Agile, Project Management, Risk and Cloud?

This podcast is a recording of the presentation delivered by Rob Livingstone at the 2012 CIO Summit on the Gold Coast in Australia on the 29th August.

The new CIO is expected to be truly agile, deliver transformational value using new technology based services and have a deep understanding of, and engagement with the business – all whilst managing and mitigating risks. In addition to this, the CIO is also expected to be a ‘business partner’ in the real sense of the word. On top of these factors, Cloud is often seen in the eyes of business as a metaphor for timely change, and a convenient ‘get out of jail’ card in their push to lower IT cost, and collapse IT project lead times. In this context, ensuring the effective orchestration if the various ‘best practice’ methodologies and frameworks in the areas of agile application development, project management and risk management, all whilst managing the whole ‘Cloud’ discussion is not a trivial task.

In this presentation, Rob Livingstone explores the key systemic and technical risks associated with the concurrent adoption and management of agile application development methodologies, project management, hybrid cloud and mobile devices within the enterprise in today’s volatile environment.

He also suggests some practical approaches that CIOs, CTOs, CSOs and CFOs should be considering to successfully orchestrate this transition to a new engagement and delivery model of technology based services to the enterprise.

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