Well past The Innovator’s Dilemma – Welcome to the Innovator’s Perfect Storm

An IED mine exposed in the desert sand

There is no longer a dilemma for innovators. Welcome to the new challenge.

The Innovator’s Perfect Storm: Agile, Project Management, Information Security and Cloud

The drive to innovate is, in part, fuelling Cloud adoption, where the ‘need for speed’ often trumps conventional risk, total cost, project management, application development and other key governance considerations. In this mix, how do the foundational business technology management frameworks help or hinder this rush to get products and processes ‘out the door’?

Do the conventional methodologies such as agile application development, project management and information security need to be redesigned or to have their rigour diluted to meet the new environment?

This paper explores 7 key considerations that every business must consider in order to guarantee successful outcomes.

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