The risks of a fractured Cloud Strategy within the Enterprise

I this brief article, I’d like to explore one aspect on the topic of a ‘Cloud Strategy’ in the enterprise.

Here, I’m going to focus on the non-trivial, enterprise Cloud – which is applicable mainly to the SaaS level (Software as a Service), as this is where the complexity lies, especially when it comes to integration.  If you’ve implemented DropBox©, Gmail©, or hosted a few of your Virtual Machine images in a ‘Cloud’ Data centre, you’re not really in scope for this article. However, read on, as it may be relevant for you tomorrow.

The degree of difficulty rises exponentially with major enterprise IT containing systemic (not just technical) complexity, scale, risk, compliance load, system integration and with a long term perspective.

It’s this last point – long term perspective – that I wish to focus on now.

Long term implies a deliberate strategy (Unless it’s a shotgun marriage where the decision was made for you, either by a compelling vendor offer with a groundswell of support from the users, recommendation from your IT consulting firm, or so on…)

Cloud Strategy? What Cloud Strategy?

In, and of itself a ‘Cloud Strategy’ means little. Unless it is fully integrated with deliberate business and organisational initiatives.

If there is a coherent……

  • Enterprise business strategy, supported by coherent..
  • Enterprise Business Plans, of which a key component is the …
  • IT Business Plan, (not just budget) of which a key component may be …
  • A Technology Strategy, of which a key component may be
  • A Cloud strategy, roadmap or initiative…

… you probably will arrive at your destination of having the appropriate technology choice, be that Cloud or otherwise

In this way, you will eliminate, or at least minimise, the risks associated with poorly defined /orphaned technology projects, that were supported by a Fractured Cloud strategy. Reliance on your IT consulting firms for guidance and support may be of assistance, however be aware of the risks of bias.

If this was YOUR business… which direction would you prefer to take?