Four Barriers to Cloud Due Diligence

Public cloud computing comes with a range of potential risks – many of which may not be that apparent at first glance. Mitigating them takes work, but that’s better than crossing your fingers and hoping you’ll get lucky.

As a business Executive overseeing your organization’s transition to cloud, how can you ensure your journey delivers on its promises over both the medium and long term? Focusing on the short term is the comparatively easy part. Entry costs are – as cloud vendors are quick to tell you – low relative to on-premise.  But enterprise risk management is often one of the CFO’s key responsibilities and an uncontrolled shift to the cloud could expose you and your organization to unacceptable long and medium-term risks.

On the other hand, you could take your chances and hope to get lucky.

But seriously . . .

Broadly speaking, there are four key complicating factors in cloud computing that compound the difficulty of performing effective due diligence on cloud provider offerings:

  1. Market volatility
  2. Lack of legal precedent
  3. Legislative and regulatory immaturity
  4. The contract

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