10 Things You Should Have in Your Cloud Contract

In “Four Barriers to Cloud Due Diligence,” I explored a few factors that contribute to the complexity of performing due diligence on a cloud vendor.

When an enterprise moves to the cloud, it hands off its servers, networks, and even its data to its provider. All that it’s left with is a contract. Therefore, a CFO needs to ensure that that contract is comprehensive, balanced, and enforceable, preferably in a legal jurisdiction that suits the needs of his or her company.

Prior to signing a contract in which the cloud services are core to the business and critical to the viability of the organization, there are certain things a CFO absolutely must keep an eye on.  (For commodity cloud services such as platform and infrastructure, e-mail, and file storage, CFOs can take a less rigorous view; however, some of these points will still be relevant.)

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