In a changing environment, today’s value proposition will differ from tomorrow’s.

Our mission is to ensure that you, your organisation and its leaders develop the capability of protecting and growing your value propositions in the face of increasing contestability, change, risks and uncertainty.

We do this by:
1. Mentoring you to excel in your current role and take your career prospects to a new level – whether as an Executive, Manager or professional;
2. Expertly advising your organisation through our technology strategy and architecture advisory services

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Coaching & Mentoring

Helping you to take your job performance and career prospects to a new level of sustained performance by treating your career as your business. Protect and grow YOUR future lifelong income earning potential now.

Strategy and Architecture, Advisory

Strategy and Architecture is a core platform for business optimisation, innovation and transformation. We offer expert services aimed at Strategy & Architecture practice setup, practice review & uplift​, design, effectiveness review, Strategy & Architecture road-map & implementation planning.

Expert Insights & Thought Leadership

Expertly distilling the complex interactions making up our fast changing business and technological world - then delivering independent, relevant and actionable insights with authority to your audience in an engaging manner.


About Rob Livingstone

Rob has on numerous occasions presented at both conferences and in the mainstream media on the risks and opportunities that contemporary information technologies present.

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