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The limitations of career ‘goal-setting’ in a rapidly changing world

For the most part, our careers are a result of the choices we make. Of course, there are careers that …

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Business Advisory

Our independent, highly experienced, multidisciplinary advisory and consulting services offered to companies of all sizes, aims to strengthen and support your key business and IT objectives to enable and support customer success,and ultimately your success as an organisation.

Transformational Mentoring

Globalisation and Technology-led disruption has costly implications for many industries and professions, affecting both sides of the employer/employee divide. Success for employers today lies in identifying resilient employees and leaders who demonstrate the ability to anticipate and adapt to change with its new opportunities. Success for employees means becoming such a person.

Emerging Technologies

The forces driving the evolution and adoption of new and disruptive technologies are complex, diverse, not without risks, and not always well understood. We offer a expert, guaranteed independent and concise assessment of the implications of specific emerging technologies appropriate to your specific business.

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About Rob Livingstone

Rob has over 3 decades of managerial experience in the corporate world, half of which as a CIO in a number of multinationals. In addition to running his Advisory practice, he is also a Fellow at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) where he teaches postgraduates in the areas of leadership, strategy and innovation on UTS’ flagship MBITM program, and is also an author, columnist, keynote speaker and a commentator on IT matters in the mainstream media.

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