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A helicopter view: Innovation’s Hype and Hazards explained.

My recent reading of the Harvard Business Review’s article Yes, Short-Termism Really Is a Problem, made me consider how the …

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Staying relevant, valued and employed

Technology innovation may be the saviour of many organisations, but leads to tremendous disruption to the career paths of experienced workers at all stages of life.

In an employment landscape undergoing continual transformation, risk to promotion and income security naturally grows.

This forces ambitious professionals to confront the most serious career challenge today – staying relevant, staying valued and staying employed.

Having an experienced coach to focus your insight, hone your ability and grow your agility to take the right action, could be key to your future career security and rewards.

Your guide through change

Markets and industries are increasingly global, competitive, fast moving and disruptive.

In meeting these challenges, many established organisations struggle to overcome barriers to change, be they cultural, technological or structural.

RLA offers independent, highly experienced, integrated advisory and consulting services aimed at helping you build an enterprise-wide capability for innovation, speed, adaptability and resilience – all of which will underpin future profitability and viability.

De-risk your technology strategies

Despite the potential value in adopting the latest technologies, evidence is that many organisations fall short of achieving their promised benefits once implemented. Ensuring that your investment in technology, whether in-house, cloud or outsourced, deliver sustained value with known cost and known risk is no trivial task.

Decision makers often struggle to make sense of the diversity of ‘expert’ opinions as to when, where, how and why a specific technology should or could be used in their organisation.

To de-risk your technology investments, RLA offers an expert, independent and rigorous assessment of the enterprise-wide implications for your technology strategies and choices that relates to your business.

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